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E.H. Wachs manufactures the finest line of weld prep machine tools, including the LCSF Low Clearance Split Frames, SDSF Small Diameter Split Frames and HDSF Heavy Duty Split Frames, the Guillotine® Pipe Saws and our famous Trav-L-Cutter®. ID mounted machines include the SDB Small Diameter Beveler and EP 424 End Prep machines for bevelling and counter boring, and the FF Flange Facer series for flange facing. In addition, we offer a full line of boiler maintenance and high purity specific machine tools.


EP 424 End Prep Bevelers

The Wachs EP 424 Beveler with the new Speed Prep auto feed system is a precision I.D. mount end prep machine tool designed to bevel, compound bevel, J prep, face and counterbore pipe, fittings and valves. Utilizing our revolutionary Speed Prep mechanism that feeds simultaneously in the axial and radial planes, the Speed Prep EP 424 is able to machine any bevel or compound bevel without templates, incline tool slides or work stoppages.

With the Speed Prep system, it's now possible to set the bevel angle and land that works best for your application, all without work stoppages or additional stoppages. Powerful enough to form tool from 4" to 16" (DN100-400) through Schedule 160, it will single point from 4" to 24" (DN100-600) up to a 6.5" (165mm) wall thickness. Features:


  • Fully modular construction for fast, easy one man set up and operation
  • EP 424 eliminates the need for accessory templates or external tool slides
  • Available without Speed Prep for form tooling and facing operations
  • Manual feed handle pulls out to engage Speed Prep auto feed system
  • Low friction bearing system provides maximum stability and eliminates chatter

LCSF Low Clearance Split Frame

The LCSF Low Clearance Split Frames are ideal for pipe maintenance and construction work in nuclear and fossil power plants, pipelines, oil platforms, petrochemical plants and refineries, as well as shipbuilding, pharmaceutical, food, beverage and other high purity piping applications. 13 standard sozes are available to cut, bevel and counter bore pipe from 2" through 48" O.D. (DN50-1200) on all schedules and alloys.


  • Modular Construction--Accommodates multiple tool slides and accessories
  • Interchangeability of Components--Allows accessories & tool slides to mount to multiple ring sizes
  • Adjustable Bearing System--Distributes load evenly to ensure stability
  • Precision-Manufactured Tool Slides--Ensures absolute rigidity

Genuine Wachs Tooling

A key contributor to the superior performance of E.H. Wachs cutting and beveling machines is the quality of our tooling. Precisely engineered and fabricated from super high-strength materials, Genuine Wachs Tooling is designed for today's higher speeds, heavier feed rates, and exotic materials. The result is precise cuts, longer tool life and maximum productivity. Our tooling offers better value than imitation or universal tooling, as its made specifically for our machines to fit perfectly, hold an edge longer and be resharpened multiple times.

At Wachs we understand all aspects of portable machining, and realize tooling is a critical component in the process. We have decades of experience manufacturing the best performing, longest lasting tooling for our machines, with products for most applications and customized tooling manufactured to order. To maintain the peak performance of your E.H. Wachs equipment, be sure to specify Genuine Wachs Tooling.

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