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Borais a ISO 9001: 2000 company was founded in 1984 as Borais Oil Services Company specializing in Directional Drilling Services. Borais Research and Development Department are inventing and producing a cost effective new tools and new products for Completion, Workover and Maintenance. Such tools are being used by Borais in the completion, workover and maintenance services for most of oil & gas companies in Egypt and Middle East. Some of the products demonstrate more than 15 years of technological development to address industrial challenges, thus solidifying our corporate identity as a provider of innovative and rapid solutions to industry. Today Borais has grown to 48 dedicated professionals who together have advanced problem-solving operations that culminated in 42 unique inventions and patents to address problem encountered in the field.


Well Completion

Completion Accessories
  • Mechanical Surge Disk
Intelligent Completions
  • Dynamic Surge Disk(DSD)
  • Debris Catcher Sub
  • Double Disk Valve
  • Hydraulic Sliding Sleeve
Perforating Solutions
  • Hydraulic Perforating Sub (DRFA-DSD)
  • Curved Guns

Platform Solutions

Slot recovery
  • Deflecting Conductor sleeve
  • Conductor Bearing Section
  • Down Hole Camera
  • Hydraulic Shovel
Increasing area
  • Lifting Platform

Wire Line Special Tools

Cleaning Tools
  • Sub Surface Safety Valve Cleaner (SSSVC)
  • Solvent Injectors (SI)
  • GLM Side Pocket Cleaner (GLM SPC)
  • Glass Wire Line Plug (GP)
  • No Profile Plug (NPP)
  • Stimulation Wire Line Plug (SWLP)
  • Super Pulling Tool (SPT)
  • Wire Line Standing Valve (W/L SV)

Artificial Lift Safety Equipment

  • Gas Annular Safety System
  • Annuals Gas Relief
  • GLV Cover