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AOS is a privately owned, quality driven and safety conscious organization with a clear objective of providing high quality products and yet at competitive prices. Our distinctive relationships with leading manufacturers guarantee superior reliability, quality & competitiveness. We have established a unique international network of manufacturers, storage facilities, inspection and local representatives enabling us to deliver swift and prime services to our customers. The combined expertise of AOS and its suppliers give our customers an advantage over their competitors. AOS offers a comprehensive range of drilling tools and associated accessories, BHA components and more. AOS has also the capabilities and expertise to source & provide semi-finished products, as well as onshore drilling rig units. AOS exclusively supplies new and unused equipment strictly meeting applicable API and industry Standards. Equipment is supplied with all relevant certificates and traceability to original manufacturers is always guaranteed. Upon customer's request, additional and customized third party inspection can be arranged from the start of the manufacturing process up to prior-shipment scrutiny. AOS is operating in accordance with its Integrated QHSE Management System as based on the systems and standards of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

Products & Services

  • Tubulars
  • BHA Components
  • Fishing and Remedial Tools
  • Handling Tools
  • Semi Finished Products
  • Drilling Rigs